Lingerie, Road trips, and Swedish Meatballs

Ok, I didn't actually have any meatballs at IKEA. This time anyway. I ate three days worth of calories at Olive Garden instead. Why yes, I will take noodles with my cheesy goodness thank you very much.

Aside from consuming booku amounts of cheese( or partly because of?), I had quite the lovely weekend. It all started on Saturday. It's always fun to host showers for your friends. Especially lingerie showers. They're fun even when you keep them low-key. We had a blast!

And we ate good.

We had quite the brunch spread: quiche(the really good kind, none of this spinach what-not), hashbrown casserole, mini sausage biscuits, yogurt with all the toppings and then some, and cinnamon roll cupcakes. Along with orange juice punch and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Sunday found us on the road toward DC. When we go to IKEA, it's an event. And I had this event researched and planned out. Of course, I still spent more money then I estimated. But I needed it all, right?

There were I few things I needed that I couldn't find so I will turn to online and hope the shipping isn't too outrageous. Our media cabinet is in desperate need of some KVARNVIK.

Of course, the best part is meeting up with old friends in the area.

Have I mentioned yet that this kid has an obsession with clocks? I wish I had a picture of his reaction to the display wall of clocks. He was just staring, mouth wide open like he was in heaven.

And this morning we are recovering. We got in late and so everything just landed. Nothing like a little Curious George and a hot cup of coffee for what ails ya!

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