How To Shorten A King Size Pillow

This was my project for the weekend. As you know, I'm redoing our master bedroom and our current chocolate brown and cream duvet set just didn't work with the gray. But we have a queen size bed and we have a king size duvet set. Because I like to make sure I have plenty of covers on the sides.

I wasn't a fan of having king size pillow shams though. When I found this gray print queen duvet set at Target, I snatched it up even though I didn't know where it would go. It's not every day you find $70 dollar duvet sets marked down to $20. Once I decided on our room, all the sudden I needed queen size pillows  to go in the new shams.

While trying to decide how to afford new pillows, I got the brilliant idea to shorten the king size pillows I already had. After all, they were just foam. I'd made pillows before, surely I could shorten one.

So in a fit of bravery, I started.

I didn't technically measure anything. I just laid the first victim out next to a standard size pillow .

My bright idea was to cut off the end first so I could sew it back on later.

Then into the foam. I had to remove or thin out the foam on the end after I cut it so the pillow wouldn't have a squared off end. After I had the foam the size that I wanted, I cut the outside fabric down to size.

Then I just started whipstitching the end piece back on to the pillow.

Here is the finished pillow next to the other king size one.

When I went to put the pillow in to the sham, the end wasn't quite fitting into it and still looked a little square so I went back and did a big whipstich to narrow the end.

So it looks like this now. I wasn't real concerned with doing it perfectly since it's just going in a sham and not being slept on. On the second pillow I'm not going to worry about cutting off the end and sewing it back on since that was what was making it boxy on the side. I'll just sew it straight up the end.

And tada! The king size pillow is now a standard size pillow!

You also just got a peek at my new bedroom. The big reveal is coming in the next couple weeks!

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