Inspired Fridays

It's Friday again! Time for some awesome inspiration!

Bathed in Style

I love this little bathroom. I love the painted blue brick. And the black vanity. So vintage-y!
How to make a luxury bed

Last time I was in a hotel, I was looking to see how they did it. Apparently I wasn't the only one. I'm thinking about this one since I'm in the midst of redoing our master bedroom. Weighing cost and such like.

I love how her pitchers turned out! Same thing I'm planning on doing with the purple lamp from the thrift store.


Great tutorial on stripping furniture! Usually I'm a path of least resistence type person so I would probably pass on an item that needed it. Not so after reading this! She makes it sound easy.

Free printables with an amazing quote by an amazing performer. 

The first read through for the Doctor Who 50th Special took place today.

And I leave you with my favorite picture of the week. Matt Smith and David Tennant at the run through of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who. My fangirl heart is squealing!

Happy weekend!

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