{Small} Guest Room Updates

I've made a few updates to our guest room since my guest room redo. Just little things, but little things can make such a huge difference!

Here is what it looked liked after the quick redo. I had a folded flat sheet at the end of the bed to add some more layers to the room. But at the end of the day, it was obviously still just a sheet.

This blanket was an unplanned purchase from my IKEA trip. As I walked by, I happened to spot the $13-ish price tag, and snatched it up as a sheet replacement. I love a good nubby blanket. It comes in this nice natural color and dark gray.

This picture had been sitting in it's plastic wrapping for nigh unto 15 years now. Yes, for realz. Always had it in my room, kept forgetting to get a frame. I found one at the thrift store yesterday for $0.75. It's banged up but I can fix that. Eventually.

I also picked up this chair and cushion from IKEA. The pillow is an old one that I already had.

I added a curtain to the closet. I'm not sure where the door went, but no matter. It looks better now then it would with any door! The curtain is one half of a pair that I picked up at a thrift store. I'm really not sure what I'll do with the other panel...

And I also added a few things to the inside of the closet. A couple of towels for guests, padded hangers, art, a candle, and my awesome Virginia-shaped basket, also a thrift store find. All stuff I had on hand. I obviously haven't gotten around to painting the bottom of the basket yet. Soon, young padawan, soon.

Little changes, big impact!

I'm still not sure about that bedding. I think it looks like a teenage girl's room. My mom and husband say that's only because it was on my bed when I was a teenage girl. Hopefully it looks more grown up to everyone else than it does to me!

Now I just need to paint. And remove that little shelf on the wall. What do you think, a light beigey/brown color or a nice, clean white to contrast with the dark furniture and bedding? Thoughts? Bueller?


  1. I love that blanket! Great deal! And those bottles are really cool! Hope you have a great weekend! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  2. Thanks! Like I said, I love a good nubby blanket! My home abounds with too many blankets and pillows.


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