The Naked Living Room

I have lamps in my living room now!

Seriously, we've been married a few years now, lived in two different places, and we just got lamps for our living room. We have been living with one solitary floor lamp to illuminate our main living space for over three years. I was so used to it, I didn't realize how naked our living room was until I put the new lamps in their new place.

Aren't they gorgeous? I spotted them at Target a while back and couldn't get them out of my mind. I have been searching thrift stores for large, shapely, lamps that I could paint but I never found any that I felt was a worthwhile purchase. And you just never know with old lamps.

I didn't have the money for them but then I decided that the coverlet set from Target I had bought for our bedroom makeover was not what I wanted(more on that in another post). So I took it back and, since I had bought it with a giftcard, I simply used that money towards the lamps instead. The white shades were in our bedroom but I switched them with the new gray ones.

The room looks so much more finished now. I can't believe I waited years to get lamps. But then again, I am glad I did because I ended up with these amazing beauties!

Do you have any favorite splurges? Or naked rooms that need a finishing touch?

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