Two Hour Guest Room Redo

A few weeks ago, I shared that I am a procrastinator trying to reform. At least when it comes to my house. I had been motivated to do something, even if it wasn't perfect.

I mentioned in passing that I had worked on my guest room but I realized last week that I hadn't done a post on it yet.

Here is our rather lackluster guestroom. The walls are the same yellow that is in the master bedroom and the bedding is from my old bedroom. It doesn't really fit with the vision I have for the house but it's what I got at the moment. We store stuff in the closet and, because it's not a room we live in, I haven't done much with it.

Here it is just a couple hours later.

I just shopped my house, put together some "art," hung a picture, made the bed a little differently and tada!

Oh, and that big canvas? Just a $1 foam board from the Dollar Tree and a $5 dropcloth from Lowe's. It definitely needs something else though since it blends in with the walls. I'll probably add some color and contrast later with some of the paint samples I already have lying around here.

The little framed plant art is made with an eco-friendly laundry detergent bag that I had kept for just such a project. I bought the tray at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's quite banged up so it was marked down to $5. It has a mat to frame photos on the bottom but I just cut a piece of wrapping paper to fit.

And yes, those are two round placemats taped up on the wall with masking tape.

And a basket of little extra toiletries for guests.

It isn't all my style, and it's not the color direction I want to go in for our house, but I think it looks a whole lot better. It's a lot more welcoming for sure. And just because it looks like this now, it doesn't mean that this is how it has to stay. I hope that is a lesson I'm learning.

Just don't peek into the hallway right now, Okay? All that stuff had to go somewhere...

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