Paper Napkins Become Bathroom Art

This week I've been working on a few projects for our upstairs bathroom. I wasn't planning to. It was the room at the very bottom of the list.

Even though it wasn't on my do-this-stuff-very-soon list, I was keeping my eyes open for inspiration. And one day, as I was wandering through Target, I chanced upon the party supply section where...*cue the dramatic music*

I saw these pretty navy and white printed napkins and tablecloth. I had picked up these unfinished 8.5x11 frames for $0.45 each at the thrift store a couple weeks ago and as soon as I saw that navy print, I knew it was meant to be. And it determined once and for all the color scheme that was going in that bathroom.

Our bathroom has been pretty sad. One of the first things we did after we moved in, was hang these floating shelves {from Target, of course} above the toilet. The only storage space was under the sinks and I just loved floating shelves so much. They still sit crooked and I do need to fix that but they make a big architectural difference.

But now we had big blank spaces on the other walls. And nothing worked with the blue tile. I am a total neutral girl so I was originally planning to stay with the light blue and white, but add in some beige/tan. Being a firm believer that color schemes should flow through each room in the house, I didn't want anything too out of the ordinary and most of all, I wanted it to be US.

That idea never really spoke to me though. I decided to jump outside my usual and think about brighter, bolder colors and prints. It was the right idea.

The navy grounds the lighter blue tiles and adds interest to an otherwise boring bathroom. As much as I love neutrals and the simple, uncluttered look, this bathroom needed more. A lot more than I thought. And since I have blue throughout the house, the navy doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

And I took the opportunity to spruce up the shelves a bit. And frame more napkins.

So now that I know the direction to go, I can budget for the items that will make this bathroom pop! Like a new shower curtain and bath rugs. New hardware. Maybe some new towels. I have my eyes on a few things already.

And so, a $3 pack of paper napkins becomes art to liven up an old bath.

Don't be afraid of going bold if that's what your room needs. Don't dismiss it immediately. I did that for over a year. Just keep the feel you want and stay with a color and print that you love. And you don't need to go bold everywhere. Just a touch can make the difference.

You might be surprised by how much you come to love it!


  1. Oh my goodness! This is brilliant! Those napkins are really pretty! Great, great, great idea! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Thanks Jenna! I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. So much cheaper than framing fabric!

  2. Cute idea, Elizabeth! =) I've done the same thing with gorgeous wrapping paper from Paper Source when I was in a pinch. Way to think out of the box!

    1. Thanks Kerry! I was originally in the party supply section looking for cute wrapping paper to frame but then I saw the napkins and decided that was close enough!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I see gorgeous napkins all of the time-- now I have an excuse to buy them haha :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  4. You have truly inspired me, I have some really pretty napkins I've saved for whatever reason, have lots of empty frames. Our guest bath is kinda boring also so will see what I can do to jazz it up a bit, thanks to your great post. Isn't it awesome what a little something will do? Love your floating shelves, hmmmm, now there's another idea to think about. Wonder if Hubs knows how to make them? Enjoy

  5. This is a super idea! I'm hosting a new linky party at

    I would love to have you!

  6. I've already told you how much I LOVE these and I still do! Genius, you are! Thanks for linking up to Give Me The Goods Monday! We love having you party with us! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

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