Update On The Upstairs Bathroom

I thought I'd take some time to update you on our upstairs bathroom. I've been at total loss with this bathroom since we moved in. Bubbling paint, bad ventilation, and odd colored old tile are just a few of the things that make this room "interesting"

Hubby and I have a joke about this. When we were dating, he would ask what I thought of something and my reply would be "interesting." Upon inquiring whether this was "interesting good or interesting bad," he would get a "just interesting." I think with this bathroom though, there is a lot of interesting bad.

It definitely needs work.

I'm pretty positive that the bubbling paint is the result of painting latex over oil-based paint. We've had this problem with the trim upstairs too, with the exception being that instead of bubbling, the paint just peels right off. The ventilation issue is contributing to a mildew problem{along with our hard water} and rust on the light fixtures. The tub and surround are cracked, and there's a serious lack of storage space.

And it needs a way to lock the door going in to the side of the bathroom that's connected with the master bedroom.

It's always bothered me. I grew up with bathroom doors that didn't lock so I never open a closed door without knocking. But most people are accustomed to having locks and assume that, if the handle turns, the room is open. No one likes doing their business with that insecure knowing that any moment someone could walk in on you.

It's like picking the one stall in the bathroom at Walmart that doesn't really close and flies open when someone sneezes 3 stalls away.

So it needs some kind of simple hook closure. I really need to get on that. Sorry to all my guests.

Several days ago, I framed paper napkins for wall art in this bathroom. That same week, I came across this shower curtain at Target. A $20 curtain marked down to $13.98. It was the only one left.

I also liked a white and navy blue horizontal striped curtain that was there and, at first, I couldn't decide which one I wanted, so I went home. I thought about it for a couple days and I couldn't get the floral out of my head. So I went back to the store, and the floral was sitting right where I had left it two days before. It was meant to be.

I love it and I think it goes well with the patterns in the framed napkins. This bathroom was so bland before, but now there are bold, pretty, patterns to feast your eyes upon. The interesting good level is going up y'all!

Trying to bring more of the dark blue into the room sent me searching the house. All the blue and clear glass vases are souvenirs brought back from Mexico by relatives.  They were just sitting in a box waiting for me to find the perfect spot for them. And they aren't just decorative, they are serving a function. That's design I like: pretty and useful!

Goodbye to the boring bathroom! I actually like our bathroom now. It has more personality, more beauty, and it's more interesting.

Interesting good, that is.

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  1. Ooh beautiful bathroom! We are in the middle of a bathroom reno, and I can't wait to have it done so I can make it all pretty like yours! Hope you're having a great day!

    ~Abby =

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to pop over and see your bathroom when it's finished!

  2. Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by my blog (Tinysidekick) earlier. I love what you did here with this bathroom. Isn't it great when you finally find a use for stuff that has been sitting around forever? It looks so fresh!

    1. Oh yes it is! And, unfortunately, I have way too much stuff sitting around. I feel the Great Purge coming on!

  3. Love your new shower curtain, I think Target has great shower curtains even regular priced! The blue and white is so fresh and I love all the other little decor touches you added. I recently "redid" our powder room with a bright striped curtain and some fresh accessories and now I smile whenever I go in there! Your re-do looks great!

    1. Thank you! And Target is very near and dear to my heart. And my wallet. But it is so nice to have a space that makes you smile after having to frown at it for so long!

  4. Looks beachy and clean! I have to borrow your napkin art idea, that is brilliant!

  5. I am loving the makeover! the floating shelves look so great! If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/05/sunday-link-party-7.html

  6. Love all of your details! Thanks for linking up to Give Me the Goods Monday!
    -Amy @www.commona-myhouse.blogspot.com

  7. I love it! Thanks for linking up at Assets and Efforts on HickoryTrail



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