Books. Books everywhere. They are taking over my home in their modest unassuming way. Don't get me wrong, I love books. Hubby and I are avid readers, but we're starting to run out of room.

And if I put all the books on our bookshelves, where will I put my all my thotchkes?

This is a real problem, people.


This is one side of our upstairs built-ins. Not quite packed, but pretty durn. I used to have pretty things on those shelves along with the books. Ah, those good ol' days.


And then Hubby does things like going out and buying bukoos of books at the thrift store. More books. Oh, the humanity!


This is what happens when my reading, his reading, books accidentally left by family members, and birthday gifts get together and hang out on my end tables.

I could always resort to stacking them everywhere...

It's chic, stylish, and won't work with a toddler.


I suppose I should probably get rid of some of them, but it is so hard to part with old friends.

Do you have any creative uses for books or unique ways of displaying them? 


  1. I like to pile them all over all surfaces, but you're so right: they are not toddler friendly! Maybe we should send the toddlers away for a couple years so we can display pretty things? :)

    Okay, I can't even submit this comment without saying how terrible I feel for even joking about that. :)

    1. Hahaha! Most of the time I have to keep our surfaces clear(except for bloggy pics of course) since little man LOVES to clear them for me. But we wouldn't trade 'em for sure!


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