Kiddie Room Ideas?

I am sorry for the long posting absence. This weekend I was again at my In-laws helping them unpack more stuff, hang some pictures, and spend more money at Ikea. If you want any help with spending money on your house, come see me. I'm very good at it.

Ahem. Anyway, as I was saying, my schedule has been very crazy lately and I haven't been home. I know, I am a bad blogger for not working ahead and scheduling my posts. Bad, bad, blogger. But hey, I have a hard enough time just getting the laundry done{poor hubby}.

With all the Ikea shopping, I've been trying to plan out a new kid room in my head. Little man's room is the smallest in the house and there just isn't enough room for all the playing that takes place in there. So the plan is to switch his room and the current guest room. I want to incorporate his crib bedding because I love it. And to save money.

I love the little quilt with all it's neutral texured patchwork. Some squares are fuzzy and soft, others are cable-knit sweater, some are nubby, some are polka-dots. I love it. Oh yeah, and the mobile is mine from my baby days. 

This is his room from last year. It doesn't look exactly like this any more. We added and removed some thing and hung beige blackout curtains. They are too short for hanging high so I don't know how I could use them in the new room, but I spent money on them so I feel stuck. I'm trying to figure out how I could lengthen blackout curtains without the extra material looking see-through.

Another hang up I'm having is that the fan in his room{not in the picture}is a bright green. And I'm not sure I'm up for painting it, though now that I'm thinking about it, that might not be a bad idea. And I found this old cross-stitch going through stuff last weekend and I'd love to use it.

It hung in Hubby's room when he was little. Matches the bright colors in the fan and the mobile. And then there's the giant colonial style Noah's Ark print that you can see in this guest room post. It needs a new mat and frame but Little Man loves it and it would be great if that could go in there too. Too much? Probably.

I should mention that I'm planning on putting white paint on the walls. 

So would you use the green fan or paint it? The cross-stitch is definitely going in and I think it will work with the neutral bedding. What would you do for curtains? Solid or print?

Any ideas?

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