An Ode to Stripes and Polka Dots

Oh stripes! How do I love thee? 
The way your lines catch my eye, the way your colors contrast!
Behold the elegant tiny stripes! 
So classy and simple, timeless-
just like red lipstick.
Behold the bold and fun loving stripes! 
They call the observer to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Oh polka dots! You amaze me! 
Little round shapes that make such a big statement.
Tiny pinpoints, so sophisticated, so mesmerizing!
Large and rotund,
reminding me of pies and cookies!

Oh wonderful designs, so aesthetically pleasing, 
you soothe my senses and light up my life!

All the colors of the rainbow in such perfect harmony-
All of the brown stripes, so warm and comforting, 
the color of coffee and chocolate
Blending with green, the color of trees and of Kermit the Frog!

All the pink polka dots, so merry and sweet, 
dance along with the polka dots of purple,
Each color rejoicing as they lift my mood.
This is my ode to polka dots,
to stripes of red and blue, to all the colors of the rainbow,
And to all their enigmatic hues!

This was the result of one of my free-writing exercises in school. Why? Because I'm a weirdy. And, apparently, know nothing about actual poetry.

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