The Day of the Doctor

It was Saturday. The Day of the Doctor. And oh boy, was it a day! If you are new around here, here's the scoop: I am a Whovian. What does that mean? That I am a total geek over the BBC show, Doctor Who.

Saturday was Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode. And we decided to celebrate in style and just have a blast doing it! I must give credit to Hubby because it was all his idea. Even though it's not his thing, he suggested it because he knows that my siblings and I are crazy about it. He is brilliant.

We had so much fun planning all the little things. We even dressed up! Because we like to be weird awesome like that! And since we don't get TV channels, we all went to my parents' house instead of my place.

Doctor Who food

Of course we had to plan the spread. No party is complete without a little themed food, right? And my wonderful sister put together all the labels.

Doctor Who food fish fingers and custard

Doctor Who food bow tie pasta salad

Doctor Who food Adipose rice krispy treats

Doctor Who food cookies

Doctor Who food drink

Yes, I do have a TARDIS ice box. Doesn't everyone? And blue Hawaiian Punch with Sprite is pretty good stuff. 

Oh yes, did we have fun!

 The Doctor (Matt Smith) (right), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill)

There was one Doctor Who episode that had a pregnant character in it. That wasn't really pregnant. It was all a dream but I still figured it was the one person I could feasibly dress up as. 


I also brought a banana because the Doctor says you should always bring a banana to a party. The glasses are for seeing time vortex stuff and the sonic screwdriver is for everything else. Except on anything made out of wood. 

Even the clock got to dress up.

We enjoyed the 50th episode immensely! Now the countdown starts for the Christmas special! Yay!

No worries, we will be back to normal posts after this one. Most of the time. I promise.

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