Christmas Tour 2013

Christmas Tour 2013! Ok, it's a bit late. The computer flub right before Christmas kinda set me back a bit. I'm so thankful that the computer is back up and running after just letting it dry out!

Even so, I figured I should share some of the little Christmas-y touches around our house. The upstairs and the kitchen were excluded this year because of all the de-wallpapering and moving rooms around. So really this "tour" is just the living room with a few little touches in the office. I'm hoping next year sees us more settled so I can decorate more!

I may be linking up to some of these link parties here.


  1. This is so beautiful, Elizabeth! Love all the little details. That sleigh is just exquisite. :)
    <3 Lydia Holt

    1. Thanks Lydia! Totally found the sleigh at a thrift store:)


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