Shabby Chic Dropcloth Chair Cover

Hi guys! Remember this chair?

Burgandy Chair gets a Dropcloth Makeover!

Old, burgundy velour, and free?

I really wasn't diggin' it. Especially the closer it got to Christmas and it's colors of red and green. I was pretty sure that it just wasn't going to work out. I had hoped to make a slipcover for it by then, but you know how I roll by now. It didn't happen. 

I discovered that one of the legs on one side was a little busted. And I started thinking that I didn't want to waste time and money to slipcover a chair that was broken. It wasn't my favorite chair anyway so I probably wouldn't put the money into fixing it. So I waited, not exactly sure what I would do but knowing SOMETHING had to be done by Christmas.

A few months ago, my mom found this picture in a book and sent it to me. If it could work for a couch, surely it could work for a chair! It was worth a try at least. So off I went to Lowe's and bought a 9'x12' dropcloth.

I like to wash fabric before I use it but this was a bit big for our washing machine. I tried anyway. I'm really not sure how well it rinsed out. I am absolutely terrified of laundromats(weird, I know) so I didn't even go that route, though that would have been the best. The dryer did not work so well on it either so I had to lay it out over our table to finish drying.

Actually getting it to look right on the chair was harder than I thought it would be. There was a lot of extra material that gave the chair a poofy look. Definitely not the shabby chic look that I wanted! It took a little doing, but I finally figured out that some of the extra poof was taken care of if I pulled it underneath the chair legs. And it held the whole thing in place better. 

Shabby Chic Dropcloth Chair Cover

Because there was a seam down the middle of the cloth, I was limited in how I could maneuver it. I stuffed the seam down behind the chair cushion where it meets the back of the chair. Then it just took moving the material around and trying to place it in folds instead of bunches. 

Shabby Chic Dropcloth Chair Cover

I haven't had any problems with it shifting around too much so far, except over the holidays when there were lots of people using it.

Ignore the lovely background of laundry and the eliptical machine. Or not. If it makes you feel better about your own living room, well, we all need those moments. That's why we all watch Hoarders. Am I right?

Shabby Chic Dropcloth Chair Cover

It isn't my favorite look but, to me, it's better than the burgundy. It is now a light neutral and it works in this room so much better! It's a temporary fix but it's one I can live with! 

I'll just keep telling myself that it doesn't look like a just threw a dropcloth over a chair and called it a day. Is it truly "shabby chic" or does it evoke images of creepy old haunted houses with cloth covered furniture? 

I may link up here.

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