The Big Guest Room Switcharoo

The last time I did a post on the guest room, it looked like this:


There's way too much big, dark, heavy furniture going on in there. And the layout really wasn't working. Everything is making this room look way smaller than it actually is.

When we decided to move the boys' room, switching all the rooms around just started making sense. So we moved the boys into the old "junk room", and moved the guest room into the old nursery(which is also the smallest bedroom). It used to look like this:

Ah! It looks so tiny in there!

But now...

It works. So much soothing...

And I finally got to pull out my old thrift store trunk to use as a side table!

Even this little munchkin was enjoying it.

We painted this room two years ago and I still liked the color so we were all set. It's definitely not finished yet, but it has to be functional anyway since we have family that come to visit a lot. It is still missing some small important things, like lamps. The room is small and it's full of big furniture but it still feels roomy and airy. I'm liking the direction this is going!

What do you think of the big guest room switcharoo? Do you have any suggestions to make that might hasten its finishing? What would you do?


  1. I love the changes you are making - the room is so airy and relaxing with the blue and whites - making it look so much larger.... beautiful...Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! I totally agree! It almost makes me want to move in there myself!

  2. I like the trunk as an end table. I have one, in fact. Oh, and the baby is really cute.

  3. It looks like such a big room! Love the colours and that trunk :) Great job switching rooms!


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