Inspiring Creativity :: It's Ok to Fail

Have you ever said, "I tried doing XYZ once but it didn't work."? Have you heard someone else say it? I willing to bet we all have. A few weeks ago, I came across this tweet from Jon Acuff:


The life of a creative is messy. Some of the very best things in life are. Relationships, children, art, creation itself. All of life is messy but beautiful.

Creation is messy. Sometimes it doesn't turn out the way you planned. So pick yourself up(or your paintbrush) and try again! Too many people give up on the first try.

So many artists were unknown and unappreciated in their lifetimes. But they didn't quit. They did it anyway, despite the scoffing of others.

You may not be a Van Gogh, but don't let that one failure keep you from trying again. You're going to pick the wrong colors, ruin a pillow,  or make a hole in something.

Do it.

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