Another Kitchen Leak, Another Design Dilemma

So guys, you remember that brand new vinyl floor we put in last spring after we had to tear up the old one to fix The Leak? Yeah, about that...

Another Kitchen Leak, Another Design Dilemma

A few weeks ago I noticed water seeping out from under the cabinet along this side of the kitchen. Definitely a bad sign. We had the plumber come out and he discovered that, years ago, someone had made a hole in a pipe when they nailed the cabinet into the wall. The nail finally rusted out and left all the water from the bathtub upstairs pouring into the wall behind the cabinet.

Another Kitchen Leak, Another Design Dilemma

There was mold in the wall and the back of the cabinet, there is water damage on the bottom of the cabinet and the kitchen floor, and even the baseboards and carpet on the opposite side of the wall in the living room had some moisture.  All the baseboards along that wall in the kitchen and in the living room are ripped up along with the floor. We had to spend the weekend with ginormous fans blowing to dry everything out.

Another Kitchen Leak, Another Design Dilemma

That particular cabinet happens to hold all of my pantry items so the rest of the kitchen looks like this. In case you were wondering, hiding certain yummy things in plain sight does not work on a three year old. Unless, of course, they're purposely looking for something that is slightly behind and to the right of their foot while you are pointing it out to them. Go figure.

As of now, we have no idea when this will be back together again. We'll need new baseboards, a new floor, and a new custom cabinet. All of that is going to take some time. Insurance is taking care of most of this but we're having to make a decision on the style of the new cabinet. As you can see from my Kitchen Pinterest board, I have a thing for white, shaker style cabinets.

And so the dilemma. Do we have them make us a nice shaker style cabinet or make it to match, as much as we can, the old cabinets? Eventually, we could paint the current cabinets and replace the cabinet doors to match. The current cabinets are all custom though so it would be a bit of an ordeal to have new doors made. Since we don't own the house and my In-Laws do, we're working together to try and decide this one.

A decision has to be made soon though and I'd love your input! What do you all think? White shaker cabinet or remake the 70's knotty pine?

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