My Favorite Chair

Let me introduce you to my favorite cheap chair. Or chairs, that is. I actually have 4 of them in our house.

My Favorite Chair: The Agen Wicker  Chair from Ikea

Why do I like them? Because they are cheap. Like $35 bucks cheap. The Agen wicker chairs are the cheapest wicker chairs at Ikea. And they are light. We move them around to different rooms for extra seating when we have company. Little Man moves these chairs around and tips them over and they have held up surprisingly well.

My Favorite Chair: The Agen Wicker Chair from Ikea

They obviously aren't as comfy as a big armchair but they have worked for us as a budget friendly seating option. We just didn't have the money for the big chairs right off and getting some hasn't been high on the priority list. Sorry friends! They really aren't made of evil, I promise!

My Favorite Chair: The Agen Wicker Chair from Ikea

But, they are perfect for the little coastal vibe I got going on in here.

I used to hate wicker. Now, I embrace it. In all its noisy, creaky glory.

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