From Basket to Side Table

You remember that basket? The one I bought on clearance at Target for still way more than I should have ever paid for a basket? This basket that made it's debut in my summer living room tour? Kuzco's poison? That basket?

From Basket to Sidetable

From Basket to Sidetable

Well, now it's table.

Basket reimagined.

From Basket to Sidetable

From Basket to Sidetable

From Basket to Sidetable

I've needed a sidetable there for a bit and happened to see that basket with different eyes one day. I set an antique Egyptian tray(as in, actually from Egypt. Because I had cool great grandparents.) on top for a more even surface. It's light and easy to tip over so it's not so great to set your hot coffee on when there's a kiddo bouncing around, but it looks nice and it works if you want to set down a plate or cup of water.

I love trying to find different uses for things! Have you ever used something differently than what it was intended for?

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