Brought to You by the Jute-Wrapped Letter F

DIY can be a daunting thing to see on a post and yet we all like things we can do ourselves for cheap instead of spending a ton of money to buy it from someone else. I actually started this project right before Thanksgiving but I just hadn't gotten around to to putting it together until now. I was planning my kid's birthday party and it hit me that I still had a big blank space on my gallery wall where it was supposed to be. Having  a lot of people over is a great motivator.

It's four layers of letter shaped cardboard glued together and wrapped with jute. How easy is that!

You will need:
-jute cording(I bought it at Michaels for $3.50 with my 50% off coupon)
-cardboard, enough for four letters(I used the boxes our baby gates came in)
-a hot glue gun and glue sticks(I have a mini hot glue gun so I used a lot of glue sticks)
-a pen or marker
-box cutter type knife

Since I started it months ago, I don't have any photos of how I cut out the letters. I found instructions for printing out your font, and what not, but I'm going for lazy so I free-handed my letter. Once I drew the outline, I cut it out with the box cutter and then used it as my stencil for the other three letters. Pick your letter and go for it! Or, if you prefer, you can buy your letter(s) at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

I apologize in advance for the awful lighting. It was late, I was in a hurry, and there was party stuff everywhere.

Once you have your four letter shapes cut out, you are going to glue them together. The metal thingy is going to be the hanger. Save your coke can thingies!
Then glue down the end of the cording and start wrapping.

Keep gluing it every little bit to make sure it lays the way you want it. I glued a lot for the first layer. After you have the whole thing wrapped, you are going to do a second layer to make sure it's all covered. With the second layer, you won't have to glue as much.

This is what I had after the second layer.

This part is a little tricky. I had to wrap the little prongs too. I used a LOT of glue.

Then I criss-crossed at the top and then wrapped across. Isn't my dear sister wonderful for helping me with the tricky parts?

 I started with a new piece of cording for the middle prong. Wrapped a little, criss-crossed a little, and then wrapped back towards the main body of the F. Criss-cross some more, and then gradually wrapped it back towards the bottom.

More prong wrapping and criss-crossing. Oh, and glue. LOTS of glue.

 Glue down the end...

 Glue on your hanger...

 And tada!

I'm going to work on some burlap flowers next week to embellish it. I'll let you know how that works!


  1. Did you ever end up putting a burlap flower on this? I'm thinking about making some for Christmas gifts, and can't decide how a flower would look on it!

    1. I did buy some burlap and tried to make one but the weave was too loose so the material just started to fall apart. Unfortunately, I haven't made it to the fabric store to look for a different weave. I'll put up an update when I finally get it done!

  2. New follower!! I love this monogram idea, you make it look so simple. I love the soda tab hanger (I did the same thing with one of my projects!)
    Feel free to check out my blog:


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