Gray Areas

I'm in the middle of a master bedroom makeover.

Up until this point, our bedroom has been a weird mixture of blue, brown, green, and pink. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't as bad as it sounds either. Trust me.

The pink happened because, pre-marriage, my old bedroom was brown and pink. I just brought my pink and flowery pillows with me. The green happened because I had random old green glass bottles lying around. The blue and brown were deliberate and look quite lovely together, in my humble but right opinion.

Before we had the little man, we had a one bedroom apartment with light brown walls so any color worked with it. When we moved in to our bigger place, our bedroom came with light yellow walls. I'm sure I could work the yellow with the blue and brown, but I'm just not a fan of yellow. Even such a nice, creamy, buttery, yellow.

Several months ago, I found these at Target.

And I fell in love. And I was inspired. And I obviously bought them. So much for trying to be thrifty.


Our new bedroom colors will be gray, blue, white, and beige/tan. Think the rocky coast of Maine and chunky knit fisherman sweaters. Oh yes.

Here's a shot of our dresser that we found a few years ago at The Dump. It makes me think of a French flea market. We're going to try and make our room the perfect mix of feminine and masculine.

For the wall, we've picked out Partridge Gray by Glidden and Better Homes and Gardens. It's a warm, light gray that is perfect. I've actually used it before here on our son's thrifted dresser/changing table. I liked it so much, it's going on our walls!

It will be so nice for the hubby and me to finally have our own little, quiet, romantic retreat that is totally us.

What color is on your bedroom walls and how did you pick it?

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