Thrifty Finds

My Nana was in town last week. My Nana is awesome.

Instead of making yummy food for you, she showed you how to make it yourself. She taught me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. And she always had Little Debbie snacks, Kool-Aid(which we were also taught how to make for ourselves), and Pepsi. Her house is full of books. She loves good stories and loves to give us grandkids new books to read. She always tells it like it is.

Since she was here, we went thrift store shopping. Going to thrift stores in an exciting event in my family. My Mom decorated my sister's wedding and my wedding almost entirely from the thrift store. And no one could tell! My Mom is awesome too. It runs in the family.

I happened to find some pretty awesome material at a few different stores.

I found this lovely gray material for less than $3.00. Gray is my new favorite color!

The blue and white are pairs of curtains. They are too small for my windows but they might work nicely as new pillow covers. Or I could cut a strip off the blue, sew it to the white, and have color-blocked curtains. Hmmm...

I also picked up this little IKEA mirror for $0.99. It's a little beat up and the mirror doesn't sit flat so it will be a little DIY project.

All this for less than $20! 

I love thrift stores.


  1. I am the thrift QUEEN. Great way to get your retail therapy w/o breaking the bank. Plus there's always the possibility of hidden treasures :)

    1. Oh yes! Though I'm still learning what is a good deal and how to not go overboard. It's so easy for me to spend a lot at the thrift store!


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