Tales From The Sick Bed

Sickness has hit our house this week. There are dirty dishes piled up, toys and blankets strewn about, and a never ending source of entertainment on Netflix. Pass the hot tea and honey please?

Or a hot, steamy cup of vanilla caramel coffee. Whichever.

In the beginning throes of our illness, I had to make a run to the most alluring place on earth: Target. Well, I didn't really have to go to Target but, as I said, it's the most alluring place on earth. It doth not compare to Wally World. It takes courage to show your face in the Walmart here. Courage and desperation.

Since I was desperate but lacking courage, I chose Target. Sick or not, we needed food and honey to soothe our achy throats and so out I went. I also may have chosen Target because they have a Starbucks. I love that. I can sip my tall mocha while I wander the aisles drooling over the beautiful things.

Threshold™ Hooked Chevron Area Rug - Blue

Beautiful things like this. I adore this rug. Simply adore it. Seriously, when I saw it, I think my jaw was on the floor for a good 10 minutes. This rug is definitely on my wish list.

Since I couldn't have the rug, I made a stop at the dollar section. Sometimes there's good stuff. And this time there were some goodies.

Two classic books and a cute white metal bucket for $3.00 each. Maybe I'll make a cute flowery decoration with the bucket. While reading Northanger Abbey. And the Scarlet Pimpernel. Simultaneously. Sink me!

They also had some 4x4 unfinished wooden boxes that I'm thinking of going back and getting. They would be great for a spring decoration if I painted them a pretty neutral or bright spring color and filled it with a bird's nest with eggs. Yes, I think I might have to go grab them up.

I also grabbed a few seed packets for the little garden I'm going to try and grow this year. I just need to get some soil and then I can start the tomatoes and peppers since they will have to be transplanted later. I'm apprehensive but excited to try this new venture!

Well, it's been great, but I must away. Back to my lotion-y, Vick's drenched, Puff's tissues. Ah, good things those are.

What is your favorite bargain purchase? Did you keep it the way it was, or work a little DIY magic on it?

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