Thrifty Finds

Have you ever bought something that, as you were paying for it, totally convinced you that you were indeed bonkers? I have many, many, times. More than I care to admit.

My sister and I went thrifting yesterday and had a lot of fun doing it! Well, we only hit two out of the ten on the main road out here but, hey, you can only do so much before naptime. And I had a couple "yep, I'm bonkers" moments.

First moment: The trunk. 

I've always wanted a trunk. Yesterday I walked in to Goodwill and here was this trunk for $12.25. The handles on each end are broken off but I don't care. I have a trunk.

Two more awesome finds: a gray vase and a flower pot. I'm planning on using the pot to make this fake succulent planter from Liz Marie Blog that I linked to here

This lamp was my second moment. I wanted what was on the box but, lo and behold, when I opened it, instead of the lovely white, there was electric purple. It was 50% off of $3.25 so I snatched it up anyway. Spray paint is an amazing thing. I'm afraid if I recover the shade that there will still be a purple tint to it when the light is on so I might just have to find a new shade.

When I showed it to the hubby without any explanation, he nodded and, thinking quickly, said that he liked the style. I think he was relieved that I planned to paint it. We're both excited to see the transformation of this lamp!

Being the history buff that I am, I was super excited when I found these books all together. I have been meaning to read these for some time and I love the the two movies, Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, that were taken from them(except for Martin Sheen's terrible southern accent-Oh my stars, I cringe every. time.)

I also found this basket shaped like Virginia. My friend and fellow blogger, Kerry, over at Plenty Place, has one of these turned into a chalk board. You can see it in her post here. I always thought it was neat and then I found one for myself. I think I might copy her chalk board idea.

All of this for just about $26.00!

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