In Georgia

Hey y'all! Today I am posting from Georgia{and from my phone so it may look odd today}. Our little family is down here for a wedding. Hubby's cousin is getting married today so we are in the process of decorating and admiring the atmosphere.

This was my favorite stop on the way down. Starbucks. Especially when you only got 3 to 4 hours of sleep the night before. And you're driving. Yes, my friends, this is good stuff.

Oh yeah, and the juice. It was good too. Hubby didn't like it. He said he felt like he was drinking broccoli. Somehow he managed to taste the veggies under all that fruity sugar.

Now we're here at C'sons restaurant decorating for the reception. We haven't eaten here yet, but if you're ever in downtown Lagrange, stop and eat just to enjoy looking around. I am drooling over the exposed brick walls!

And of course we have pretty flowers. I love Baby's Breath arrangements. So simple and elegant. And they make me think of fairies and lightning bugs. Weird.

I believe our itinerary this afternoon involves gardens and butterflies. Little man should love it! Until he has to sit down for the wedding ceremony. He has had quite enough of sitting this trip.

And we discovered the Starbucks and Chick-fil-a near our hotel so I think we're set for our visit here!

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