Picking Branches

We went out to pick branches a while back. Because all the cool bloggers do it. Picking branches is cool.

We've all seen them. Shapely vases overflowing with lovely blooming branches from backyards. It's a great cheap way to bring some new life into your house after the winter. It's amazing how much some simple leafy branches can change the feel of a room.

Little Man decided to play in them. Goodbye blooms from the quince bush. But he had fun and that's what matters. It matters much more than branches in a vase and how well my house looks.

Today we are planning on being outside a lot again. Both our upstairs and downstairs a/c units are being replaced. And some old ceiling damage is being fixed in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. I'm planning on craziness, no nap, and picking more branches.

Branches that will be swung around, squashed, and have the blooms knocked off.

Imperfectly perfect, just like my home. Just like life.

Because of our trip, house guests, yesterday's migraine, and the aforementioned work being done around here today, my DIY project is waiting around to be posted until tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Um, well, actually, it isn't quite done yet...

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