Planting The Garden

On Saturday we started our garden.

I've never been too keen on gardening. You have to get all dirty, it's hot, you're hot, and there's bugs. But now I am a gardener. Or on my way to becoming a serial garden killer.

I've already killed my seedlings. This means I have to go out and buy little tomato and pepper plants. Not that I mind. I've never bought a plant before. It will make me feel special.

Pretty sure our soil isn't approved for containers. Oops.

So far, we have planted carrots, lettuce, and a few strawberry plants. Tomatoes, bell peppers, and possibly onions are left on our list. I'd also like to get some herbs growing too.

So there we are! The beginnings of our container garden. And as much as I dislike being dirty, I actually enjoyed getting my hands in the dirt. Not so much the manure smell though.

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