30 Days Accessory Free: Week 1

Well, we're a week into our accessory-free house experiment. And, so far, it's going along swimmingly. Our house is nekkid and loving it!

I admit, there are a few things that I decided not to take down.

These giant chess pieces belong to Hubby. They are special to him, so I left them up.

When I cleared out our living room, I moved Little Man's toys out of this basket to another. It was on its way to the junk room but I happened to set it down on the stairs to take up later. I liked it there, and decided it was now the stair junk holder. Now there's a pretty place to put the stuff I'm too lazy to take upstairs at the moment.

Everything else is gone.

I haven't really missed our accessories yet. And there are several reasons why:

  • Not having to constantly get on to a rogue toddler for knocking over picture frames{unfortunately, we are still having that problem with the lamps.}
  • Hubby is absolutely happy as a clam without our clutter. He's much happier and relaxed with everything neat and organized. And less a pillow or two.
  • The house feels open.
  • Dusting is easier{well, it would be if I were actually dusting...}
  • I have realized just how much of that stuff I can live without.
  • There is room to set my coffee down{this is important, people!}

I still love pretty things, but I'm realizing that, sometimes, less really is more. And big really is better. I have a lot of little knick-knacks, but their littleness gives off a cluttered vibe. Bigger things make a big statement without that cluttered feel. I've spent a lot of time trying to find homes for all these little things without making it look cluttered. I haven't succeeded, and I've wasted a lot energy over it.

This week I'm hoping to tackle that room and clear out a lot of the stuff. The little things that have been draining me dry have to go. I have to let go of the good things to move on to the best things.

But that's just like life, isn't it?

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