The {Mostly Done} Master Bedroom

our mostly done master bedroom

I am totally in love with our master bedroom. It has come quite a long way since we first moved in. There are still a few things that need to be worked on, but those are little projects that can be done over a period of time.

Unfortunately, the master bedroom is usually the last room to get attention. Most visitors don't see it and so it sits gathering laundry and junk. I've always been a firm believer in taking the time to make it a relaxing, romantic space. But with our house, when we first moved in, I was so busy trying to get the nursery ready that my belief got set aside to make room for baby. And there it sat for over a year...

first apartment bedroom

Looking like a cross between this, the bedroom at our first apartment...

And this, our guest room. Complete with yellow walls and random junk. Somehow I managed to erase the "before" pics of the room off of my camera. This is cause for great sadness.

gray bedroom

A few months back I shared the HUGE progress we had made so far, with new paint, new bedding, and a new furniture arrangement. It looks like a completely different room! And I was totally in love already.

The recent big changes?

gray curtains bedroom

New dark gray curtains. I probably would have picked white, but Hubby likes to block as much light as possible when he's sleeping. So we compromised with dark curtains that filter the light but still darken the room a bit. And now I think the gray looks so much better than white would have in here!

blue dresser jewelry organizer

A decorated wall above the dresser. I hung some thrift store mirrors that I spray painted silver and my DIY jewelry organizer. I'm still deciding if this is what I want with the wall, but it's better than nothing. Also, updated top of dresser decor.

white duvet

I made the duvet by sewing two sheets together. Oh boy, that was a process. I've concluded that sewing machines hate me.

sitting area ikea jennylund

I bought a pillow and made a pillow cover for the chair. And laid down some fun rugs!

So what are the things I'd like to change eventually?

  1. Change the ceiling fan somehow. Replace it or paint it. 
  2. Paint the floor-length mirror.
  3. Change up the wall over the dresser?
  4. Add a bigger rug?
  5. Add some sort of stenciled design to the chair pillow?
  6. Add an interesting painted or upholstered headboard.
  7. Move the leather storage ottoman that's currently in the living room to the end of the bed{once I find a coffee table to replace it}.
  8. Add extra curtain panels to both windows for a fuller look.
  9. Get longer curtain rods. I knew they were too short when I bought them, but I was desperate, they were out of the longer size, and Ikea is cheap.

    ceiling fan

    floor length mirror

    gray bedroom

    So there ya have it. Our mostly done bedroom. It's such a relaxing space now, Hubby and I love it!

    And remember, the right curtains are the pearl necklace of a room. Yes, I totally just made that one up. But, really, go back and look at the before pics without the curtains and than with. Total upgrade. Like a boss.


    1. This is beautiful! I wanted to redo my master this past summer but just didn't have the time. Its the number #1 project for next summer though! Love what you did!

    2. This is quite fantastic, Elizabeth!! Looks really professional. A neutral color scheme has got to be one of the easiest, fastest ways to pull together a room. Too bad I'm not usually content to stay neutral but have to throw some color in there somewhere :-P

      I think spray-painting the whole ceiling fan/light business white, as well as painting the floor mirror, would be fairly simple "next steps" that would have a big impact!

      LOVE what you've done!!

      1. Thanks Bethany! I've always liked neutrals but, believe or not, I'm actually thinking of using more color in our house. Colors like orange...and I've never cared for orange! Weird things are happening for sure. Though I'll still probably stick with muted colors instead of bright, like pumpkin instead of tangerine:)

    3. It's looks awesome and very relaxing! One side of our master bedroom looks great, while the other side looks like total crap! I just need to de-junk it and rearrange some furniture for now. Thanks for the inspiration - and thanks for linking up to Work It Wednesday!

      xo, Laura at The Turquoise Home

      1. Thanks! I have laundry lurking, ready to invade my room at any moment...hopefully, having it looking nice will help me to keep it at bay! The laundry piles were pretty awful before these pictures!

    4. I love it! It looks so relaxing. I'm definitely pinning this! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Thank you! It is so nice to walk into this room, you can almost feel the stress melt away!

    5. This is such a nice bedroom! It looks so relaxing.

    6. Great changes so far! And I really like your ideas for changing it further!

    7. It looks great!! Love the curtains over the window instead of a headboard!! And I'm drooling over your bedding!

    8. I hope you don't mind, but I will give you my thoughts to the questions you pondered:

      1. Paint the ceiling fan (either white to blend with the ceiling or a color that goes with your room and add a drum shade. I have seen people do it to replace the outdated light fixtures and it looks great and makes it more modern.

      2. I'd paint the mirror frame to match the curtains.

      3. My only thought over the dresser would be to lean a rectangular mirror against the wall vertically and maybe paint it with a chippy finish so that it looks aged like the dresser (which is beautiful, btw). I would probably paint it white to match the stenciling.

      4. Yes to a bigger rug. They always say it should be bigger. I think it should be big enough to take up 1/2 the room.

      5. I would use a geometric stencil for the pillow, but not chevron since you have that already in the rug.

      6. If you keep the bed in front of the window now, I wouldn't put an upholstered headboard there. You wouldn't see it enough to invest that kind of money in one. What about using an antique wooden door. You can hang it below the window.

      9. I read something by an interior designer that said your finials on your curtain rods should be 5" wider than your window frame. I was thrilled to read it because it was an argument that my husband and I always have when he has to hang new rods! Now I have it in print!

      My room is in dire need of a makeover, too. Just like you said, the master bedroom seems to come last. If you want to read my post (and maybe offer me answers to my questions), you can read it here:

      Everything you have done so far is lovely. It looks really peaceful and relaxing, which is always what you hope for in a bedroom.


      1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I hadn't thought of the drum shade on the fan, though I'm guessing it would have to be a pretty big one. I'd love to just replace it with a light fixture but the hubby has nixed that one! And being in the South, I can't justify it either. I'll definitely be poking around the internet to figure out how to put a shade on a fan!

        I had a similar thought for over the dresser. I'm still trying to work it out because that spot is really the only spot for my jewelry organizer. Maybe if I find a skinny mirror.

        The headboard is what I'm really looking for next. We read a lot in bed and I don't want to pull on the curtains by leaning on them. But if we lean straight on the wall, the window sill cuts right into your neck and the back of your head. I'd really like something that's solid all the way across and connects to the bed frame.

        I'm so glad you like it! And love your ideas! Popping over to see your post...

      2. I thank a chandelier fan would be as stylish Elizabeth :-).


    9. So beautiful! I love how you mixed dark and light. The dark curtains are fabulous!

    10. Absolutely LOVELY! The darker curtains were definitely an excellent choice. The contrast is simply gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with, now following!!

      1. Thank you so much! I am loving the dark curtains so much more than I thought I would. Hubby loves it too!

    11. What a beautiful bedroom. You did a fantastic job! Thanks for linking up to DIY Sunday Showcase.

    12. Love this! I have found my love for greys too!! And that dresser is beautiful!!! I'll be pinning this to our talent board! Thanks for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!

      Shelly @MinettesMaze

      1. This was my feature pick! Thanks again for linking!

    13. Beautiful job. It's looking great!! Don't forget to link up to The DIY'ers!

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