iPhone Update

Well folks, it's been one of those weeks. One of those weeks where it feels like nothing has been done. Where everyone is fighting some cold or other. Lovely.

But this week has had some small progresses and sweet moments. And since most of my everyday happenstance photos are captured with my phone, I thought I'd do a little iPhone update!

I got all the stuff if the current junk room/future nursery sorted through. Yes, there are still things in there, but we know what we are doing with it. Simply throwing it all in a box and sticking it in the attic to be gone through later. Maybe not the best thing, but I'm desperate.

I have paint to paint the new nursery with. Here's a sneak peek at some of what I'm working with in the new nursery! This week on the agenda: clean and prep for painting! And I'm putting out a call for peeps to come help with the oil-based primer. I might break the rules{I like to think of them as guidelines...} for painting during pregnancy with my low fume latex paint, but ain't no way I'm working with the other stuff!

Little Man loves music. We have a piano and a guitar that he loves to "play." He has discovered the joy of banging on the colander with unsharpened pencils drummer style. And he turns everything into a microphone. The outside hose, the faucet, the fake fall gourds...he's just recently started getting into pretend play.

Hubby and Grandma took him shopping and found a toy microphone. I heard he was trying to rip it out of the package. The cashier even cut it open for him, he was so excited. It's been so sweet to see him dance around the house singing into his microphone.

I've got some fun fall decor projects that I can't wait to share with you too! I'll be starting to share those later this week. White spray paint and the thrift store can be used to make all sorts of gorgeousness happen!

So there's a small peek at what's been going on this past week! This week we're working on getting ready for the ginormous yard sale this weekend. Hopefully we'll be able to get it together, sell some things, and have a report back on it next week!

Now if I can just get these phone pictures to look decent I'll be doing good! Any tips on that? Do you have any must-have tips for doing a yard sale? I've never done one before so I'm a bit nervous!


  1. It costs just a little bit--but pictapgo is a really good photo app!


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