Pennsylvania Road Trip

Hi y'all! I hope the start of your week has been awesome! I'm still trying to get over this cold and chasing an energetic little boy has worn. me. out. Plus, we went to Philadelphia, PA last week and I still haven't managed to unpack. Oh well.

We had been planning this event for a while. We waited for my brother to get home from Afghanistan and then my entire immediate family, plus spouses, headed up for a family trip. I was totally looking forward to it, since we hadn't done it in so long. Our family trips have always involved seeing the historical sights, visiting museums, and walking battlefields. The newest addition is eating at places that have been featured on the food or travel channel.

And we're all crazy, loud, and opinionated. And there were 14 of us. Watch out Philly!

First stop: Independence Hall!

This is the room where the 2nd Continental Congress met. Also where both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were created. I feel the weight of the past every time I'm here.

Chirp, chirp*...any fellow musical lovers that can appreciate these steps with me? Do eaglets even chirp? 

Little Man had enough and konked out on the carriage ride.

Yes, this is the crew. Have I mentioned that I have 5 siblings? And three of us are married. Plus an awesome cousin in here too.

Our last stop was Valley Forge. Someday I want a house that looks just like Washington's headquarters. So. gorgeous.

I decided to get a couple belly bump pics and Hubby decided that he needed to have his "bump" documented along with mine. So here's a good little bump pic for y'all! 

The trip was so much fun! Despite my cold and a tired{cranky} toddler. And if you're ever up in that area, hit up the King of Prussia Mall. I can't afford a single thing in it, but it's huge. And it has a Pottery Barn, a Cheesecake Factory, and a Starbucks. What else do you need besides that?!

*If you haven't seen the musical, 1776, you should check it out!

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