Boy Or Girl? The Big Reveal!

Are you all dying to know? Will Baby Real Inspired be a he or a she? Will Little Man have a little brother or sister?

Well, the time has come.

Baby #2 is another boy! 

Our life is going to get very interesting around here. I can barely keep up with one energetic little boy, I'm not sure how I will keep up with two! I'm sure I will never be bored!

At almost 26 weeks, I'm feeling pretty good. Although, I must admit to gaining a few more pounds than I should have by now.

This little guy love to tumble around. It feels like a dance party in my tummy every day. Especially at night, of course. Couple that with Little Man's recent {non-}sleep issues, there is not much sleep to be had for this momma.

We're still working on the nursery. The painting is almost done! I can't wait to start putting the room together. You can check out the mood board for the new nursery and see the progress so far.

We are very excited and we think that's it's great that Little Man will have a little best bud to play with!

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