TV Armoire Organization

TV Armoire Organization

Just imagine this giant armoire thing full to the gills with DVDs, cords and controllers, batteries, and any other random small thing we happened to find laying around that day. I was soooo tired of it! But of course, I always forgot about it since we close thing up every night and nobody sees inside when it's closed. But, oh man! Embarrassing when we opened it up to have a movie night with our friends!

Of course, they didn't care. That's what friends are for, right? But it sure bothered me. And Hubby loves anything organized so I figured I had better get this little thing checked off my to-do list. Because, really, how hard was this to take care of?

TV Armoire Organization Baskets Coral

Coral Shells Armoire

I started with this big piece of fake coral{or should I say faux to sound all swanky?}. I splurged and bought it for the full price of $25 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond several months ago. I bought it specifically for the top shelf in the armoire to try and help make that shelf look less like a black hole. The glass jars were a yard sale find that I filled up with white sea shells from Michael's.

TV Armoire Organization Baskets

We use the very bottom drawer in this thing to hold DVDs. The drawer was actually made to hold video tapes so the DVDs don't fit perfectly but it still works. Still, after a while we ran out of DVD room in the drawer and so we began stacking them anywhere. The solution was three of these white KNARRA baskets from IKEA. It helps.

TV Armoire Organization

That left me with trying to organize all the video games and various cords and controllers. I found this big tray at Walmart to do that job. It was the smallest shelf so a tray was the only thing short enough to slide in. I wanted two, but there's a plug outlet strip in the very back so I can't turn the tray lengthwise. Great for minimizing cords behind the armoire, not great for fitting trays in.

TV Armoire Organization

And even with my attempt at organization, this is what the inside looks like on a {mostly} daily basis. Dust and all.

I try.

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