Inspired Friday

Yay! It's Friday again! I love Fridays. It means Hubby is home all weekend. Tonight we are kicking our weekend off by going to go see the new Thor.

I am so excited about it! For a couple reasons. Mainly, good actors with really great voices{here's lookin' at you Tom Hiddleston!}. Second reason is Christopher Eccleston as the villain. I'm I the only one that wants to watch movies for the reason that it has actors from Doctor Who in them?

I'm totally geeking out tonight.

Anywho, on to the post...

Simplicity Reigns

Starfish II Framed Wall Decor


I am totally loving that bedroom with all the fur! I am really starting to fall in love with furry things in home decor. And the framed starfish would be so easy to do yourself!

Well, we're off for Thor in a bit! I hope you do a little something to kick off your weekend tonight. Even if it's go grab a coffee and wander around Target not spending money. I know, it's impossible. One day I will go to Target and NOT buy something. Maybe.

Happy weekend!

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