Christmas Mantel Round-up!

Christmas mantel time! I've been working on mine for the past couple days and I think I may have decided on a final design. I will be sharing it later this week so keep an eye out! I think we're supposed to get one sunny day here soon so I've been working on different Christmas projects so when that day gets here I can just whip out the camera and take all the pictures. Sunny days are few and far between around here at the moment.

So, in lieu of sharing mine, today I'm sharing a few of my favorite mantels that I've seen this year. They are all so gorgeous! 

Snowdrift Mantle Style by Hank + Hunt | west elm

Elegant Christmas mantel

Woodsy Glam Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel

All the gorgeousness! 

Have you decorated your mantel yet? Or do you even decorate your mantel? Or do you decorate it for another holiday besides Christmas? I've never seen a Hanukkah mantel but then I've never looked either. I'd love to see one!

ps. After talking with Hubby, I have decided to cut back to posting for sure only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He's been asking me to consider cutting back to twice a week for a couple months now, and with the holidays and a new baby almost here{here's to the third trimester!}, we just think it will work better for us. I love sharing with you all and I hope you will still stop by every now and then!

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