Monogram Winter Wreath

Another late post! I am losing my groove, y'all. Little Man's sleeping schedule is suddenly not very scheduled so I'm working on finding another way to blog that works in our "not schedule." In the past I always worked on projects and blogged while he was napping or after he went to bed at night. Lately, there have been many days of no naps and all the other days are short{30-40 minute} naps. Just enough time to sort a load of laundry and stick it in the machine.

Not even time to make and enjoy a cup of coffee. Oh, the inhumanity!

Since it is the busy Christmas season and since I'm working on figuring out a new project/blogging schedule, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post in a week. I'll still aim for new posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I may miss some. I do want to share as much as I can!

Anyway, to my latest Christmas project.

So guess what I spent all last night doing? Beside painting a few things in the future nursery? I put together my winter wreath for this year! Sort of. I went to bed at midnight rather flustered because I couldn't figure out the whole burlap bow hanger thing.

Google was no help to me. At least not when every direction I found sounded like gibberish because I was so tired. I'm pretty sure my way is not the best way to hang a wreath, but it is hanging. That's the important part, right?

I ended up cutting a length of burlap in half lengthwise to make a skinnier ribbon. I stink at tying bows anyway and I found it impossible with the wide burlap I was using. So altogether there are two pieces of burlap in the hanger: one that's looped around the wreath, and a second one that's tied into a bow and attached to the burlap loop with jute twine. I attached another small loop of jute twine to the burlap loop to slip over the nail to hang it.

Basically, I rigged it.

Again, it's hanging. I'm happy.

I found the wreath form at the thrift store, the wooden letter at Hobby Lobby, and all the floral stuff was free from my Nana. I just snipped all the flowery stuff that I wanted with wire cutters, laid out the pattern I wanted, and then hot glued it all down.

The wooden letter got a few coats of white spray paint. To make a hanger I hot glued a metal tab off a coke can to the back. I tied it on to the burlap hanging loop with more jute twine.

Here's the after shot of what I used. After I cut everything up. 'Cause that's how I roll.

Not to be a little black rain cloud here, but if you think this sounds easy, it wasn't. Well, not quite true. It was actually more frustrating than difficult. I'm pretty sure a few not so great things wanted to leave my mouth during the process. I've decided that I'm not becoming a florist any time soon.

And there you have it. My Christmas/winter wreath. I'm actually quite happy with it. Especially since it was my first go at a wreath. I'm wearing my hot glue burns with pride today.

Are you making, or have already made, a wreath this year?

I may be linking up here.


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