Creating an Entry Where There is None

When you walk through our front door, you step into a narrow hallway with a wall to your left and the stairs to your right. We have zero entry space. No where for a dropping point. We do have a closet in the hallway and I would love to take off the doors and make that a mud room type area someday. But that day is not today.

Nope. Today is a day for turning a dresser that wasn't intended for the living room {but it landed there anyway} into a small entry area. It used to be the dresser/changing table in Little Man's room. It was my very first DIY project. A beaten up, solid wood, Pottery Barn dresser and changing table that I found for $60 at the Salvation Army.

I sanded it down, primed it, and painted it Partridge Gray by Glidden and Better Homes and Gardens. The same color on the walls in our master bedroom. I have funny memories of sanding and painting this dresser because, when you're 8 months pregnant, there are just some positions you can't get into or out of easily. My back was very thankful when it was done.

We moved the dresser downstairs after we moved the nursery and Little Man didn't need it anymore. I originally planned on putting it in the kitchen to use as a sideboard/coffee bar area but it got set in the living room corner "temporarily" while we were getting the kitchen and leak issue fixed up And there it has stayed. I don't mind the extra storage, but it definitely needed to be styled up a bit.

I had these two mirrors that I was planning on getting rid of and decided to use them instead. They aren't really my style anymore {I'm still planning on getting rid of them eventually} but they will do until I can find a better mirror that I love. For now, they really brighten that corner up!

The vintage leaf bowl provides the perfect place to drop keys and phones. And I added a plant that a toddler couldn't easily destroy: a fake Ikea plant in an Ikea planter. Someday I will figure out how to have real plants around without ending up with dirt and leaves all over the floor.

The white baskets are from Ikea and actually hold DVDs in our TV armoire. I just wanted to see what they looked like in there before I went out and bought a few more. So when I get those, the baskets, instead of DVDs, will hold gloves, hats, scarves, and maybe mail. I'm planning on using the drawers for extra DVD storage. We are avid movie watchers and have run out of room to store them in the armoire.

And there you are. Creating an entry where there was none. I'm kinda liking it a lot. Has anyone else struggled with the lack of entry in their home? What was your solution?

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  1. I love your dresser! Even though you don't care for your mirrors...I like them on top of it! Great job, it looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us on Twirl and Take a Bow! Hope we see you again on Tuesday! ~Tammy

  2. Beautiful job on the dresser! Love the color you chose, & agree with Tammy; the mirrors look good on it!
    Saw you on VMG20t66 Brag About It.

    Val @

    1. Thank you! I do think that color might be my favorite gray. And those mirrors might be starting to grow on me! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great updates! And it definitely helps create that entry "feel"! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)


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