Of Toddlers and Lamps

Little Man has pretty much killed every lamp in the house. Every lamp except this one that is up out of his reach. He is a regular lamp knocker-over. Turn your back and BAM! There goes another one.

Oh, he knows better. But this is the same kid who, after a year and a half, still has to be told to keep his feet off the table at every. single. meal. The need to make sure the rules are still there is strong with this one.

*sigh* He is my child.

Anyway, lamps.

Let's start in the living room, shall we?

The metal is bent or broken so they just do this. I can straighten them, but they stay about 2 seconds before they flop over again. There are even a couple dents in the shades. But we've only had one broken bulb so far! 

I hadn't even had this one for 6 months...at least it was only the shade. Who am I to complain about making another trip to Ikea? 

This lamp in the guest room is leaning. It is almost 10 years old though so I guess I can't blame it all on him. I can blame this on him though...

Missing beads and a missing ribbon around the top. That was all Little Man.

The lamps in the master bedroom look just fine. Until you turn them on. The light bulbs are tightly screwed in but you would never know it. They flicker rather badly.

Oh, toddlers and lamps.

The things they can manage to do when you walk out of the room for a minute. 

They're quick, they are.

The toddlers, that is. The lamps...eh, not so much.

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