Color Tryouts

It started with a shower curtain.

A green one.

A shower curtain I haven't actually bought.


A while back I tried to do something awesome in our upstairs bathroom. It wasn't too bad. I liked it for a bit, but I've never felt like this room was finished. We have old light blue and white tile on the walls. White tiles that didn't match the white paint on the walls.

So I tried painting it to match. After much searching, we painted it Behr Nude. A white with a red undertone. It matched better, but I lost that light, bright bathroom. I still haven't painted all the trim because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go all the way with it.

I had tried simple and neutral. I had tried adding more with the navy. But it needed more so I decided to try green and blue.

Before buying the curtain, I figured I better play around and see if the green worked in there before buying it. I shopped the house for all things green and nature-y. If I didn't have kids, this would have taken me about an hour, maybe two. With kids, it took short periods of time over a couple days.

And I apologize for weird lighting in my pictures. These rooms don't get a whole lot of natural light so picture taking and editing is difficult.

I love my fake Ikea plant. And the turtle shell I've had since I was 5. And old vintage bottles. And my DIY shell art that I whipped up in 10 minutes. I'll share that one with you next week!

I also love toilet paper. Really. You know you do too.

I picked these up at the thrift store a few weeks ago. They were dirty and a little damaged but I liked the frames and planned to replace the photos. Now they are in the bathroom opposite from the shelves.

The green art was Target clearance, the horse bookend was a yard sale find. He used to be silver but I'm spray paint happy.

These rugs were sitting in a closet waiting for somewhere. Three of them for $10 each at Marshall's. I don't know if they'll stay or not.

I found this little vintage tray at a yard sale, the small glasses are older and from Mexico, and I love the vintage vase with the metal frog for flower arranging!

And finishing everything up with cheapo bird prints from Ollie's. There's even some blue in on them! These are on the master bath side of our Jack and Jill bathrooms, along with the small tray. 

I'm thinking it might work. 

What do you think of my green and blue bathroom tryout? Should I go ahead and get that green shower curtain?

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