Super Easy and Cheap DIY Seashell Art

Today is just a super easy craft that you can do in 10 minutes, tops. You really don't have to go out and look for new art all the time. You can actually make your own custom art using everyday things from your everyday stores!

I happened to have all of these supplies on hand already so I didn't even have to go shopping.

You'll need:
  • wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • mounting squares{mine are removable but they have permanent ones too}
  • a seashell
  • a small frame{I found this little 4x6" frame at the thrift store and it makes me think of driftwood}
To put together, I simply removed the backing from the frame, cut a piece of wrapping paper to the same size as the back and put it all back in the frame like I would a picture. My frame didn't have any glass in it already but if yours has glass, you will want to take it out since this project requires no glass in the frame.

Then I took a few mounting squares and put them on the back of the shell.

This just shows one but I would put at least three. I put two and I already had to fix it once because of the weight of the shell. I would think that using the permanent mounting squares might solve that problem better since they are quite a bit stickier than the removable ones.

Then you just place your shell wherever you want it in your frame.

I put my shell at an angle so that I could place my art either horizontally or vertically and have it look good both ways.

Super easy peasy right?

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