When Decorating Mistakes Aren't Mistakes

I'm still working on my style. Remember my nautical summer living room?

It was pretty. I liked it. It had that beachy cottage vibe that is definitely an important element of my style. But, you know what? I discovered that it wasn't a thing that I loved.

Sure, I loved elements of it. But totally, 100%, completely breath stopping loved? Nope.

Your gut will tell you things and you need to listen.

I recently pulled out the pillow covers that I made last fall. A burnt orange trellis pattern. And you know what? My gut said, "Yes, this is it. This is happy"

Orange isn't my favorite. It wasn't the color that got me. It was the pattern. When I saw that pattern again, my breath caught.

Discovering your perfect style is so much trial and error. My living room was nice. I liked it. But it wasn't totally me. I forgot the part of me that loves bold trellis patterns and graphic florals.

When Decorating Mistakes Aren't Mistakes

I made a decorating mistake. A mistake that wasn't really a mistake in the end because I figured out a very important part of what makes my style mine. I grew. Now I know exactly what patterns go in my home and which ones I should just pass over. Even if they are pretty and a great deal.

Your decorating mistakes won't be the same as mine. Your style is different and your house is different. Take a minute to evaluate what you have around you. Does it:

Make your heart go pitter-patter?

Take your breath away?

Bring a silly happy smile to your face every time you see it?

Remind you of good memories and special people?

When Decorating Mistakes Aren't Mistakes::fall orange pillow and wicker

When Decorating Mistakes Aren't Mistakes::yellow floral

When Decorating Mistakes Aren't Mistakes::blue and white lamp

What did you discover? Did you pinpoint an important part of your style? I'd love to know what it is!

Don't settle. If you love it, bring it home. If you like it, set it free. It belongs in someone else's home. Not yours.

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