October Review {2014}

It's November at last! The weather and the trees are starting to get the memo around here. I love it! This is the part of the year where everything really starts picking up for the holidays and, as usual, I'm not super ready. But that's pretty normal for me. At least since having kids.

Meddlin' kids.

I really did use to be on top of things. And now I have growing piles of laundry, a pile of dirty dishes in my sink, and I can't leave the boys in the same room together for two seconds because Little Man is in a "bully my baby brother mercilessly because I'm jealous" stage. At least I hope it's a stage. Please tell me it's a stage.

Anyway, I'm trying to get myself together for the holidays. We'll see how that goes! Here's a look back at October for you! And me, because sometimes it's really nice to see what you've accomplished in a month!

October Review {2014}

Which one was your favorite? Any no-fail tips to get a little boy to stop knocking his baby brother down? Leave them in the comments!

Happy weekend everyone!

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