New Steps

Well, folks. Life is about to take an interesting turn for me. This week, for the very first time, I begin my first semester at community college. I've finally got up the gumption to go for it!

A couple years before Hubby and I were married, I attempted college but chickened out at the last minute. I did a few academic things in between then and now but I never tried college again. One of the local community colleges offers an associate degree in interior design so I have my sights set on that. Maybe I'll go for a full 4 year school after that but for right now I'm just taking this small step.

So here I am, as a first time college student. I'm starting small and only taking English and history this semester. Between my family and the blog, there was no way I was trying more than that! It does mean that the blog will be taking a back seat and I'll only be doing one post a week for a while. Unless I'm stuck with a huge paper or exams. Then I'll just have to be AWOL.

It may take me several years to accomplish a simple two years degree but I'm looking forward to the process.  I'm nervous and excited to see what the year holds! Let's do this thing!

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