Top 10 Favorite Decorative Pillows from Amazon(and Four Ideas for Styling)

I am a pillow hoarder. Hubby and his friends say that I need an intervention. Apparently it's hard for them to sit comfortably when there are pillows on the couch. For me, sinking into fluffy pillows is the definition of comfort and coziness. Plus, they are such an easy and relatively cheap way to change up a room.

Because I love pillows so much, I am always looking for new ones to add to my hoard carefully curated collection of decorative throw pillows. Target, H&M, and Marshalls's are my favorite places for pretty pillows. Ikea even has some good ones and that's usually where I find my pillow inserts for cheap.

I'd never really looked at what pillows Amazon has to offer but, you know, since everything else is on Amazon, I figured I'd check it out. There's so many pages of everything to go through! I mostly searched for the style of prints and colors that I know I like so just know that there is way more on Amazon than these! These just happen to be my favorite.

Finding pillows on Amazon can be daunting. Here is my list of top 10 favorite decorative pillows for Amazon and even four ideas for styling them! Are you more of a Modern Glam Farmhouse person? Or maybe Romantic Cottage is your thing?

You can find each pillow on Amazon by clicking the links below! If you do buy one, I will a get paid a small commission as an affiliate but all opinions are mine! I'd use any of these in my own house.

Velvet Throw Pillow CoverWatercolor Floral PillowPink Floral Throw PillowCable Knit PillowCrochet Pillow CoverGrain Sack Farmhouse Pillow CoverHerringbone Pillow CoverTicking Stripe Pillow CoverBuffalo Check Pillow CoverStriped Pillow

A note though that these aren't all pillows with inserts. Some are just the covers so the inserts have to be bought separately. My favorite place to get them is Ikea but Amazon has them too: Set of 2 18x18 Feather Pillow Inserts

Sometimes it can be hard to see how different pillows would work together so I put a few combos together for you to see how they would look. Which one is your favorite style?

1. Modern Glam Farmhouse

Pairing and styling throw pillows: Here's how to get Modern Glam Farmhouse style using black buffalo check gingham and clover green velvet pillows from Amazon.

2. Elegant Artist

Pairing and styling throw pillows: Here's how to get the Elegant Artist style using blue and green watercolor floral and clover green velvet pillows from Amazon.

3. Sophisticated Neutrals

Pairing and styling throw pillows: Here's how to get a Sophisticated Neutral style using blue and green watercolor floral and gray herringbone pillows from Amazon.

3. Comfy Casual

Pairing and styling throw pillows: Here's how to get a Comfy Casual Farmhouse style using gray ticking stripe and pink and green vintage floral pillows from Amazon.

4. Romantic Cottage

Pairing and styling throw pillows: Here's how to get a Romantic Cottage style using white crochet pillows and pink and green vintage floral pillows from Amazon.
My personal favorite is #3: the ticking stripe and pink floral. I do love the idea of that buffalo check combined with the green velvet though! Which is your favorite combo? You can leave a comment below!

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