In Like A Lion...

March is upon us! Man, time goes so fast now that I'm a grown-up. March was always a fun time in my house growing up since we had three birthdays to celebrate in the immediate family. More if you count the cousins. And then there's St. Patrick's Day and this year, there's Easter.

I'm usually not one for seasonal decorating. I do a little for Thanksgiving, and a little bit more for Christmas. And that's usually it. I'm thinkin' I should try my hand at it this year though. Especially since it will give me more to share with you!

So...I started looking around for some inspiration and found a boat load of adorable, green, March, stuff.

Luckiest People Alive Printable


Green Glass Display

Green-Ribbon Wrapped Candle

I love the garland! And that printable has a way more modern feel than most St. Patrick's Day decorations. And I know I have some plain candles and green bottles sitting around.  And if I don't have time to get around to it because I have a clingy toddler attached to my leg, at least we'll have some pretty pictures to look at. And I should stop beginning all my sentences with and.

What are your faves? Do you decorate for the seasons or is it just too much trouble for you?


  1. Thanks for all the green inspiration. Those green glass bottles are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree, I love the bottles too. And so easy to find at thrift stores!


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