Mid-Week Inspiration

I don't know about you, but I needed some mid-week inspiration this week. I have some projects that are taking longer than anticipated, and my get-up-and-go has gone. And I am tired. Do you ever just get tired?

Life wears me out, and when life wears me out, I brew a big cup of coffee and sit down with a great home magazine. Or the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Or Pinterest. Coffee, yum...

Join me won't you? I love to share coffee with friends.

Here are some great posts, recipes, and inspiration to go with our coffee.

Salted Ripple Chip (No Machine) Ice Cream - a creamy no churn sweet & salty dulce de leche ice cream with chocolaty ripples and chips | cupcakesandkalechips.com | #icecream #dulcedeleche

A Pillow Addict's Confession To The World's Cheapest Pillow Inserts

Navy blue walls in a home office

Quote by Robert Schuller


  1. Oh, I love the paint color in that living room and those adorable drop cloth dish towels. Drop cloth anything seems to be the rage these days!
    Happy day!

    1. I love the paint color too! It's very similar to what's in my son's room, though a tad more green,I think. And the drop cloth! I have a few projects in mind myself!

  2. I, too think that coffee and a good book/magazine and nice quitet place is the way to rewind and get a new perspective... love the botanical wall and drop clothes are my go to fabric for everything these days... Hope you have a great day and rejuvenate....

    1. Love dropcloth! It's goes with anything and it's cheap!


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