Confession Time

Ok y'all, it's confession time. I am horrible at time management. How horrible you ask? Well, I am sitting here typing this the night before it's supposed to go up. Most of my posts are written this way. And you know what else? None of my posts this week were posts I had planned.

Bad, bad blogger.

I really do try to plan things out, y'all. Things just happen. But Hubby refuses to let me be a victim of circumstance, so that means things didn't just happen. When they did. Except they didn't.


I try to stick to cleaning schedules. I try to get things done on time. Shoot, I can barely make it to church on Sunday morning. Usually I show up anywhere with wet hair, and my kid dressed better than I am. Stacy and Clinton would have a cow{but I still really love you guys anyway!}

Ok, maybe I'm not bad enough for tv, but there is for sure a certain element of "momminess" to my style now. Like whether I should even buy a white shirt or pants{I really shouldn't.} Or whether it's comfortable enough to crawl on all fours around the house after a giggling toddler. And just forget about the dangly earrings.

Anyway, back to my confession, this is something I have always struggled with. I am laid back and as far from a type A personality as you can get. I'm horrible with big picture stuff. I live now. In the little details of every day.

I would love to have every post in draft form a week in advance, but I'm so busy working on my one post at a time that it seems impossible. Then throw in being a mommy, a wife, house projects, cooking, and cleaning, and I can't seem to stay on top of it all.

I am thoroughly lost on this one. And so I turn to you, my readers and also my fellow mommy bloggers. What strategies do you use to help stay organized and on top of life, along with blogging? Even if you feel like your barely staying afloat, go ahead and chime in. Because I think I'm drowning.


  1. I am with you, Elizabeth! Still trying to figure out the balance between blogger, mom, wife, friend and me. Good luck, and know that I am rooting for you!


    1. Thanks! It's nice knowing that you're not alone. Here's to hoping that we can both figure it out!

  2. I wanted to thank you for that sweet comment on my nursery over on Darlene's blog! And...about the topic of this blog...I am so that way. I have to have a deadline or it is never going to get done. I do not pre plan my post and totally fly by the seat of my pants! There is nothing wrong with that:)

    1. Oh you are welcome! I loved the nursery. I may use your board as inspiration for a room sometime!

      It is so nice to know, and encouraging, that others don't always have things pre-planned! Thanks for commenting!


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