Nursery Mood Board

After the other day's big announcement, I promised to show you the mood board I've been working on for the new nursery. I am super excited to decorate this room! I feel like, for once, I actually know exactly what I'm going to do with it before I start. I should decorate like this more often!

I give you: The Vintage Modern Nursery. Be gentle, it's my first ever design board. And I have no idea why it's kinda blurry.

When I started out, I was unsure of how to incorporate several things into this room. The first was my old mobile{it's slightly different than this one, but same little animals and colors}. The second was Little Man's bright green table fan. And coming in third was an old cross-stitch that had hung in Hubby's room as a baby.

After seeing Kelly's office over at View Along The Way, I decided go with white on the walls and a navy-ish blue on the back of the built-ins. Navy goes with green so the fan, cross-stitch, and mobile will all work perfectly together. Throw in some more green pillows, find a few prints that match and have a timeless or vintage feel, a little bit of vintage, a bit of modern, and tada!

I love how the blue and green are the main colors with little pops of red and yellow mixed in. I'm not usually a fan of all those colors mixed together, but I think this is one way to do it that won't make my eyeballs bleed or keep my kids bouncing off the walls. It makes for a fun, colorful, nursery, but one that is still relaxing.

Most of the stuff on this board are things I haven't actually bought for the room, but what I have is similar. Like the green pillow. I'm totally making that one out of a tablecloth I found at the thrift store. And I may paint the toddler bed so I don't have espresso finish and cherry finish sharing the same space.

And that chair is on my wish list. $399 a pop and $149 for the matching ottoman! I have one job for you, Tax Return...

You will see it all, complete with a source list, when it is done!

So what do you think? Do have any favorite nursery color combos?

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