The Big Announcement

Ok, y'all. I've hinted at some big happenings around here and I'm finally ready to share it. We are expecting baby #2 in February!

It's taken a while for it to fully sink in that another little one is on the way. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to process when you can see your ultrasound pictures and you are gagging at the sight of dirty dishes constantly. I guess Little Man keeps me so busy that it's hard to have a moment to really think about it. But now that I am heading into the second trimester, it has sunk in, and we are excited!

So far I've been feeling all right. I mean, besides gagging all. the. time. Early on, I was tired and taking care of Little Man didn't help that at all. My blog suffered too. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch all day. Forget housework, projects, writing, and thinking!

So now that I can think straight again{well, as much as my preggo brain will let me}, I am trying to buckle down on some of these house projects again! I've been working on wallpaper stripping in the kitchen for several months, and my goal was to have the walls and cabinets all painted before we had another baby. I've given up on the cabinets for now. They will have to be set aside till after baby arrives I think. But the walls for sure are going to be done!

My one big happy project now is the nursery!

I am so excited to decorate it! We are planning a shared nursery for now. I figured it would be easier to have all the diapers in one place! We will be moving Little Man out of his little room at the end of the hall, and moving it to the large room beside ours with great built-ins. This way we can fit in a crib and toddler bed{or larger bed eventually} and with the built-ins we won't need dressers or shelves, so tons of playing room will be leftover!

I started shopping for the nursery almost immediately after we found out. Not on purpose really, but when I went out, I kept my eyes open. I found most of my decor in one day's worth of random shopping! I'm working on putting together a design board and I'll be sharing that hopefully later this week!

If you would like to keep up with the preggo belly, the nursery progress, and share in my journey to create a welcoming home, you can follow along by going to the sidebar and subscribing to new posts by email, or follow along on my social media sites:

New babies are so exciting aren't they?!


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