Why I've Been Quiet

I'm sure you've noticed. It has been pretty quiet here on the blog the last week. I've posted less and haven't said much. I've also been noticeably absent on my other social media accounts. To let you in on the loop, this has been a hard week for me.

I have a cousin who was in a horrible accident last week. She was hit by a car while walking and is in pretty bad shape to put it mildly. 

Our families have always been close. Growing up, she was always the one I wanted to be like and dress like. Seriously, this cousin of mine is pretty stinkin' awesome! And she has always been a tough cookie. You can imagine our shock and pain when we got the news. We weren't even sure if she would make it.

I couldn't stop shaking the whole day. I couldn't sleep at night. I may have prayed harder than ever. Thinking, projects, and writing have been out of the question. 

I've gone through each day more thoughtful, remembering how mortal I am. How each day could by my last. Or the last of someone I love. And I just pray while my heart hurts at the reminder. 

So please bear with me while I try to get back my groove. I plan to be posting more things soon!


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.......we'll be here when you get back.


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